Real Estate Law

The law office of Themis Tsopela specializes in real estate affairs. It provides legal advice to individuals and/ or businesses that seek to invest in Greece, offering guidance throughout all stages of the investment process. Given the fact that foreign investors are not fully aware of the Greek Law and all the necessary procedures, Themis Tsopela undertakes all legal services in order to complete the investment quickly and efficiently. She is the link between investors and the Greek Legal System.


In particular, she undertakes services relating to:


  • Legal due diligence of properties, title deeds, relevant building regulations etc. at the competent land registry office.
  • Authorization and Petitions.
  • Deeds Publishing.
  • Tax Exemption/ Tax Relief.
  • Ensuring compliance with effect/applicable/legal force legislation and updates on new legislation. 
  • Power of Attorney and affidavits.
  • Registration of Land Deeds and Property Titles.
  • Due diligence on first -home tax exemption option.


Mrs. Tsopela is a co-founder and head of the legal department of the incorporated business network – Greek Easy, dealing with investments and real estate transactions.


Immigration and Citizenship Law

The Law Office of Themis Tsopela also specializes in Immigration and Citizenship Law. Especially in recent years, it has been observed that the number of foreigners is constantly increasing in our country, and, therefore, the need for legal support is imperative.  The lawyer provides legal services to foreigners who wish to defend their rights. She is at her clients’ side by offering everything possible in order to fulfill their needs directly and effectively.


  • In particular, she undertakes services relating to:
  • Issue of a residence permit.
  • Renewal of residence permits.
  • Oppositions and objections in deportation cases.
  • Naturalization of Expatriates / Acquiring citizenship.
  • Golden Visa Program*

* 5-year Residence Permit for individuals and their families.

Referenced Law


5 Years Residence Permit for Individuals

Applicable Law: “Art. 20 (B) of Law 4251/2014 (New immigration Code), which has been in use as a separate regulation for 2 years, and now it is implemented in that new Code”

  • Obtain a five years residence permit with a right of renewal by acquiring property in Greece for up to 250.000 euro.
  • Non-EU citizens can be granted a Greek VISA for the purpose of “property investment” to property holders already residing in Greece, or buyers who intends to acquire a property in Greece. The minimum amount is the above fixed price and under the applicable law, after submitting to the competent Greek Consulate of their permanent stay and their intention to buy property they are granted a GOLDEN VISA. After entering Greece they can apply for a five years residence permit.
  • Non-EU citizens can obtain a Greek VISA and a residence permit under Law 1652/1986: “Time-Sharing and Regulations on Related Issues” (A’ 167) as applicable, or a 10-year lease of hotel accommodations or furnished tourist accommodation (houses) in tourist accommodation complexes according to Article 8, par. 2 of Law 4002/2011 (A’ 180). The minimum value of the property and the contract price of the timeshare leases and the leases for hotel accommodations or tourist furnished accommodations in tourist accommodation complexes, according to this Article, shall be two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) Euro.
  • Non-EU citizens also have the option of ownership of property of the aforementioned fixed amount under the applicable law, through a legal entity, where all the shares of that legal entity belong to them entirely.

The Golden Visa program grants to non- EU citizens the right to either be joined by the family at the same time of entering Greece or invite the family at a later stage. In both situations the family of the non-EU citizen obtains the same Greek VISA to enter Greece and the same residence permit (same duration and right of renewal).


GREEK CITIZENSHIP – Greek Citizenship Code passed March 2010.

For foreigners of no Greek origin (Non- EU citizens) who have long-term residency in Greece. Must go through the naturalization process after three (3) to seven (7) consecutive years’ legal residence in Greece, proving fluency in Greek and earning a certificate in ancient Greek history/culture.


The Golden Visa program offers the right to third country property holders in Greece, after the initial five-year grant, to apply for a residence permit for long-term, but in order to obtain it, all conditions relating to the residence permit (Article 89 , paragraph 1 of L. 421/1414, ie adequate resources, sickness insurance, membership conditions, etc.), and considering the periods of absence from the country (article 89 par.3 of Law 421 2014) are checked.


After, a third-country national has been granted a residence permit as a long-term resident, they can apply for Greek citizenship and meet the conditions for obtaining Greek citizenship according to the relevant legislation.


Professional and Experienced Attorney at Law   The law office of Themis Tsopela is located in 38-40 Zoodochou Pigis Str, Athens. It has been operating since 2013 and specializes in Real Estate, Immigration and Citizenship Law. Mrs. Tsopela sets as

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